Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Your wedding stationery can play an important roll in setting the scene for your wedding day. As the first and only real clue for guests about the look, feel and style of your wedding it is important to give your wedding invitation design a little thought.

Here are a few points to consider.

Creating the Look

So hopefully by the time you are creating your invitations you have got a bit of a grasp on the look and style you want for your wedding day. Let this guide you in your choice for wedding stationery. From colours to font types the options are endless, so if you need a little help then we recommend working with one of the many amazing stationery designers who can create a personalised stationery suite just for you. Check out these 3 amzaing designers featured in this blog: Little Green LeafWish Boutique Stationary & Eves Creative.

If you are thinking more along the lines of DIY then a simple print set can be a good option rather than the old school homemade invites. With lots of gorgeous designs available this will save you the hassle of cutting and gluing hundreds of tiny pieces of paper together. 

The Wording

Make sure you wording suits the type of vibe you want for your wedding, a quick google search will bring up plenty of ideas. If your wedding is going to be a formal affair than you probably want to stick with the more traditional wording but if you are having a more casual affair then a simple more relaxed wording may suite better.

Additional Information

If you have additional info about your wedding day (or even a breakfast the following day) then I usually advise to include as much as possible within your wedding invitation, whether that’s on the invitation itself or on an additional card. This means everyone has all the info they need, and can save you answering a million questions in the lead up to your wedding day. If you have extra information then let your guests know.

The Wedding Website

A wedding website is great, with the ability to add pictures, stories, receive RSVP’s, add extra info closer to the date and environmentally friends to boot it makes sense to have one just as a back up for your invites, but there will always be some guests that simply can not use the website and need a traditional invitation. So even if you use one of the fantastic application (we love With Joy) then we highly recommend having at least a dozen traditional invitations ready to go.

Wedding Day Stationary

We always love it when a beautifully designed wedding invitation flows straight through to the wedding day stationary like menus, place cards, signage and even thank you cards. So if you make the right choice up front then there is no need to think up a new design for these pieces down the track.

So be sure to keep these points in mind when deciding on the perfect stationary suite for your wedding day.

xoxo Marisha