How to Choose your Wedding Guest List

For many couples, choosing your wedding guest list can be a tricky subject. Trying to whittle down your list of nearest and dearest loved ones to suit your budget or your venues maximum capacity is never a fun activity. We hope with a little guidance and helpful tips this process might be a little easier.

Partners & Plus One's

Our suggestions for inviting partners is as follows:-

Are they married? If so then you should try to invite them if possible.

How long have they been together? If they have been together for 15 years but just never married then they probably deserve an invite, but if they only started dating in the last 6 months then they can be left off the list.

Have you meet the partner more than once? If you have meet a couple of times then an invite would be nice, if you have never meet or only met once than an invite is not necessary.

Friends & Family Friends

Our general rule for inviting friends to your wedding is if you haven’t seen or spoken to them in the last 12 months then they are off the list. If you have  caught up in the last 12 months then an invite might be nice.

Returning the Favour

Just because you were invited to someone’s wedding does not automatically mean you need to invite them to your wedding. Sure it would be nice if your budget and guest list can handle it, but don’t feel you are obligated to invite them just for this reason.

Parents Friends

Inviting friends of the parents can be a touchy subject. Parents are often proud that their baby is getting married and they want to share that with their friends, however often these people are not very well known to the couple. We suggest that these people might be invited to the ceremony so as they can be there to share in the joy of the day without extending an invitation to the reception. Some people may disagree but it is myopinion that it’s a privilege to be invited to be a part of someone’s wedding in any capacity and if they only want an invite for the free bar tab after then you probably don’t want them there anyway.


The main thing to remember with your guest list is its your wedding day and you should share it with the people you want to be there and the people that you want to share the rest of your life with as a married couple.