Can I Save Money with a DIY Wedding

The answer is yes, you definitely can save some money doing a DIY wedding but for many the inconvenience can far outweigh the cost savings, so before you pull out the hot glue gun and start going crazy with the Pinterest boards there are a few things to keep in mind.

Time for Planning

A DIY wedding may save you a few dollars but it is a huge investment of your time. Planning a typical wedding can take anywhere between 100 and 200 hours of your time and if you are thinking of planning and styling everything yourself then you could easily hit 300 hours by the time he big day arrives.

So make sure you have plenty of time to get everything in order or you might just end up an emotional wreck in the months before the wedding.


Organisational Skills

Let’s be honest here, not everyone has the organisational skills to pull off planning a wedding. If organising isn’t your strong suit then you probably want to reconsider a DIY wedding.

If your prone to leaving things to the last minute and struggle to make decisions you may end up with a limited choice of vendors that aren’t quite what you were looking for and could even cost you more. So good organisational skills are key.

The Marquee Wedding Myth

The idea of having a marquee in your parents backyard seems like a great idea to reduce cost but unfortunately a marquee wedding may not be as cost effective as you think. Once you include the cost of the marquee, the furniture hire, the caterers, the drinks, the linen, the sound system etc it can quickly add up to the same cost as a wedding venue with a lot of extra work for you! 

If you have always dreamed of a marquee garden wedding then go for it, but just remember it probably isn’t going to save you thousands.


DIY Wedding Styling

If you are going for a simple modern style then you can get away with purchasing some nice vases and candle holders for the centrepieces, but unless you are super crafty things like hand made invitations, place cards and personalised styling elements are probably out.

Many a bride has spent a fortune on paper, glue, ribbon etc to hand make invitations only to be disappointed with the end result. Unwilling to compromise on the look they then outlay a second amount to have them professionally created. So make sure you do a test run and you are happy with the end result before you buy everything in bulk. And if your craft skills aren’t up to scratch then save yourself the time and energy and look into other options.


Wedding Day Stress

One of the big things DIY couples overlook is the wedding day stress, for you and your nearest and dearest. You may have taken care of every last detail in the lead up and hand crafted beautiful personalised styling pieces but there is one thing you can’t do and that is set it up on the day.

If you are lucky you might be able to set up a lot the day before hand but inevitable a lot will still need to be done on the day. This usually ends up being left to your closest family and friends to look after, while you stress about the end result.

If you are planning  DIY wedding we highly recommend a wedding coordinator who can be there on the day to make sure everything is perfect and to look after all those last minute details for you, so you and your family can relax and celebrate every moment with you. Check out our Wedding Coordination packages for more details about what a wedding coordinator can do for you.

So if your trying to save a few dollars with a DIY wedding then go for it! But our best tip is understand your limitations and if your not great at something then save yourself the time, money and frustration and get some help with that aspect of your wedding planning.

And if you have just read this blog and realised a DIY wedding isn’t for you, then don’t hesitate to CONTACT US at Magnolia Studios where we can look after any and all of your wedding planning needs.