Find Your Wedding Style

With so much amazing visual content out there in the wedding arena it can be hard to work out exactly what you want your wedding to look like. Pintrest is a truly amazing tool for providing inspiration for wedding styling but sometimes we can get visual overload and end up more confused about what we want then when we started! So how do you go about deciding on your wedding style?

Here is our guide for finding your wedding style.


Decide on Your Wedding Atmosphere

Think about what sort of atmosphere you would like for your wedding day. Are you thinking of a church wedding with a formal reception? Perhaps a hinterland wedding making the most of the amazing scenic views? Or maybe a great big backyard celebration with camping and a fire pit. Knowing what sort of atmosphere you want to create will help you chose a wedding style to support this choice.

Start a Wedding Style Pintrest Board

OK so we just said pintrest can make you more confused but it really is the epitome of wedding inspiration, so we can’t rule it out.

Create your wedding style pintrest board and start pinning everything you love. At first it may seem like a bit of a jumble but as you continue to pin new things a particular style will start to emerge as the predominant style (possible 2 or even 3 similar styles may be evident) once this style/s is evident you can start narrowing down your pins to include the exact elements you like the most.


Choose your Wedding Colour Scheme

For many choosing a colour for your wedding can be tricky. We recommend using a colour pallets that has a number of different complimentary colours. This gives you much greater flexibility to choose in season flowers, more options in your decor and styling and even bridesmaids dresses can be selected to suit your bridesmaids skin tones without having to match the décor (or each other) exactly.

There are plenty of colour pallet inspiration boards on pintrest so search a few of your favourite colours (with the word wedding after) and see what comes up. Pin your favourites and see how they fit in with all your other favourite pins.

Be Realistic About Your Wedding Budget

We can all get excited seeing beautiful images on pintrest but it is important to consider if the particular elements you love are within your budget (some of those amazing floral installations can cost A LOT of money so be prepared), there is no point choosing a deluxe wedding theme if you can’t afford it. If you are working on a tight budget consider options you could DIY or look at styling options that don’t have a lot of costly detailed elements.


By following these simple steps we hope you have been able to nut out your perfect wedding style without losing countless hours scrolling through the never ending supply of gorgeous wedding images on Pintrest.

If you now have your wedding style completely sorted and you need someone to take those ideas and images and make them into reality for your wedding day then CONTACT US at Magnolia Studios. Our wedding planners and wedding stylists are amazing at creating beautiful stylish weddings and we would love to look after every detail of your wedding.