Trending Now: The Ultimate Guide to Gold Coast Wedding Trends in 2022

Planning your perfect wedding on the Gold Coast in 2022 will be all about colour, movement, and personality. After enduring another turbulent year, the upcoming trends for this season will have you (and your guests) rejoicing! Beautiful vibrant florals, mixed with intricate embroidered details, and subtle touches of natural character will dominate the style palette.

As a professional Gold Coast wedding planner, I can’t wait to see our couples embrace their favourite parts of these trends over the year. I’m certain it’s going to keep me busy styling beautiful weddings!

Your 2022 wedding colour palette

The most popular emerging colour palettes this year include grey and green hues, with touches of silver. The emerging colour palette draws heavily from nature, tying in beautifully at any wedding venue. Mixed with these colour foundations are bursts of vibrant colour, with gorgeous overflowing floral arrangements adding another level of romance and beauty.

For a pared-back take on these trends, couples are opting for subdued classical colours and pulling from natural hues inspired by the local environment. Our earthy boho wedding ceremony styling package pulls these design elements together beautifully, with a natural base palette layering colour and pattern.

Wedding dresses with volume, colour and embellishments

Fashion styling can be challenging to keep pace with and is often quite cyclical. A perfect example is this year’s return to 80’s-esque voluminous sleeves and detailed embellishments. One-shouldered wedding gowns also growing in popularity this year, as are sheer fabrics.

Helena Couture Designs has a stunning collection of Bridgerton-worthy wedding dresses at its local Gold Coast studio, picking up on these popular features in the most elegant way possible. Their exquisite designs were featured in our recent shoot in Mount Tamborine, which you check out here.

Tied in with the focus on vibrant floral styling, pops of colour are also making their way into the latest wedding dress releases, with subtle pinks and embroidered floral accents. I can’t help but think our couples are going to embrace these trends as a celebration of (finally!) being able to marry in style this year!

Digital designs for your wedding

Digital save-the-dates, invitations, wedding websites, and online registries are all transforming wedding planning in 2022. Digital designs are a great opportunity to increase the eco-friendly status of your wedding and a convenient way to reach friends and family who aren’t local.

I love seeing the beautifully curated wedding websites that our couples have put together. They are filled with personal sentiments, gorgeous photos, and delightful stories about the engaged couple. A wedding website gives you the chance to make your guests feel part of the family before they even arrive at the wedding.

If you’re looking for a great starting point for your wedding website, check out With Joy, and its collection of beautiful wedding website designs.

Virtual weddings are here to stay

Logistical challenges can still hamper plans for friends and family to attend your wedding day. In some cases, you may not have the budget (or the venue space) to invite every person on your ideal guest list.

Luckily, we have all adapted to virtual platforms over the last couple of years. Your wedding videographer can help you plan a seamless live stream of your wedding ceremony so that you can share the love with a wider audience. I can see this option, borne largely out of the pandemic, staying with us for the long run.

But have you ever thought about a fully immersive digital wedding ceremony? Check out this amazing story about a couple who took digital weddings to an entirely different level, marrying in the metaverse. I’ll be interested to see if any of our couples this year are coordinating their wedding-day avatar attire!

Eco-friendly weddings are made for the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast provides a naturally stunning backdrop to any wedding ceremony or reception. I’m excited to see that many of our couples are prioritising green choices in their wedding planning.

Here at Magnolia Studios, we love creating beautiful floral garlands and decorative features from locally-sourced suppliers. Choosing in-season florals not only ensures that your styling is harmonious with the scenery but also reduces the carbon footprint of your wedding. You can check out more about our floral styling services here.

Speaking of flowers, gorgeous wedding arches are here to stay. Overflowing with stunning local florals, your ceremony styling will be unforgettable. A great way to boost the eco-friendly factor of your wedding is to hire larger pieces of wedding equipment from local vendors. You can see more about the wedding ceremony hire packages we offer here.

Wedding dress codes with flexibility and flair

Whilst the easing of restrictions has couples running down the aisle to get married in 2022, their guests are just as eager to celebrate! Individuality in wedding dress codes is emerging as a particularly popular trend this year.

With guests stepping out in their finest for the first time in a long time, they are ready to embrace the latest in fashion trends, pops of colour and non-traditional fabrics. This brings a whole new dimension to the wedding style, making guests an intricate part of the overall wedding vibe.

Whilst couples should continue to set a minimum benchmark for the dress code, consider giving some creative freedom to your guests. You might just find that they exceed your expectations this year!

Weekday weddings and wedding vacations on the Gold Coast

The increased number of couples searching for available wedding dates in 2022 has created peak demand for wedding venues. It’s going to be a very busy year, but you can avoid some of the challenges by scheduling a weekday wedding.

Increased flexibility for guests with remote working arrangements means that taking a day (or a few!) out of their week to attend your wedding is not the same logistical challenge that it once was.

Couples can benefit enormously by hosting a weekday wedding, with a greater number of venues and vendors available, and some great discounts on key wedding expenses. You’re also not competing for space and photograph locations with other couples on a weekend.

Want to make an event of it? Why not invite your guests for a mid-week getaway by the beaches of the Gold Coast or in the Tamborine hinterland? After enduring ongoing lockdowns, guests will be looking for the perfect opportunity to soak up the sunshine on a mini-break. Make the most of it!

Make your 2022 wedding unforgettable!

This is going to be a busy year for beautiful weddings! I’m so excited to see our couples finally celebrating with their closest family and friends.

Magnolia Studios is here to make your Gold Coast, Tamborine or Scenic Rim wedding day stress-free and beautiful. To have a chat about how we can help with your wedding planning, coordination, styling or florals, get in touch with us here.

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