In Loving Memory of Your Wedding Day

We all want everyone important in our lives to be there on our wedding day to share in the love and joy of that very special day, but for many that’s not possible. Thankfully we have a host of beautiful and heartfelt ways to include passed loved ones within your wedding day.

Private and Personal

For some couples they want to honour their passed loved ones in a very private and personal way. Some beautiful and personal options can include:

Attaching a piece of jewellery to the brides bouquet. The bouquet is carried by the bride all day and the memory of this person can stay present throughout the day.

Wear a significant piece of jewellery or cufflinks of a passed love one.

Sew a special piece of fabric into your wedding dress or the grooms tie to keep close to your heart on your wedding day.

Create a memory charm bracelet or locket with charms to represent your passed loved ones to wear as a part of your bridal jewellery.

Wedding Ceremony

Sharing the moment of becoming husband and wife is a very personal and emotional time, for many this is the perfect time to remember and honour those that can not be there to be a part of the day.

Many different ceremonies can be included within your vows including butterfly releases, sand pouring and candle lighting ceremonies. With varying significance, these can be shared with the congregation.

Reserving a seat in the front row for those unable to attend is also a lovely gesture.


Wedding Reception 

For those wanting to make quite a public tribute then the wedding reception is the best setting. Guests have time to linger and share stories together, and displays can be as simple or as detailed as you like.

Photo displays are very versatile ranging from simple framed images to hand crafted artworks. A photo display allows you to identify those special people and the roll they played in your life.

A candle can burn in loving memory for the duration of the evening.

With lots of lovely poems written for this purpose, a beautiful sign can be a lovely tribute by itself or combined with any other options.


Including passed loved ones in your day can be an important and cherished element of your wedding day and we hope one of these ideas is the perfect option for you.