Should I get Wedding Coordination for my DIY Wedding?

If your planning a DIY wedding then an ‘On the Day Wedding Coordinator’ is a great idea, in fact we would almost say it is a must. If you have invested hundreds of hours into planning, styling and creating your dream wedding, then you want to make sure it looks perfect on the day, and you just simply can not do that while your off getting ready.

And what’s more important is, it’s your wedding day! You want to make sure you can enjoy every moment from start to finish and not spend the day stressed out about all the detail! For this reason alone we believe the cost of on the day coordination is worth every penny.

An ‘On the Day Wedding Coordinator’ can greatly reduce the wedding day stress associated with a DIY wedding. You can sit back and relax knowing a professional stylist is setting up your beautiful decor. Your flowers will be positioned for maximum effect, your place cards will be set out perfectly and your wine glasses will be polished. Your vendors will be looked after on the day and if any unforeseen issues arise you have an experienced coordinator there to make the right decision to make sure your wedding day is everything you dreamed of.

So if your planning a DIY wedding but your hoping for a stress free wedding day where you can sit back, relax and enjoy every moment with your friends and family, then we highly recommend getting an ‘On the Day Coordinator’ on board.

If you would like to chat with us more about an ‘On the Day Coordinator’ for your wedding then Contact Us for your free consultation and we would love to provide you with a personalised quote.