Planning your Wedding During Covid-19 - Pro Wedding Planner Tips

So were you one of the lucky couples who got engaged over the festive season and you were just getting excited to start planning your wedding when the whole Covid-19 wrecking ball crashed into, well, the entire world! Or maybe your half way through planning your wedding for 2021 and now your stuck at home with time to kill. Either way now is the perfect time to be kicking some major wedding planning goals.

Here are our top 12 tips for wedding planning during Covid-19



1. Research, Research, Research

With some spare down time at home up your sleeve now is the perfect time to be searching for your perfect wedding vendors. So once you know the perfect style for your wedding then jump on to Google, Pintrest and Instagram and start searching for those perfect vendors to create that for you. 

2. Reach out to Wedding Vendors

While many vendors may have shut their doors for the time being most of them will still be working hard from home and will certainly be replying to emails and would absolutely love to chat with you about your wedding. So don’t delay reaching out, just remember, some will be busy postponing current weddings (not to mention home schooling children!) so do be patient if they don’t get back to you immediately. 

3. Jump on a Video Call

Don’t be afraid of asking for a video meeting with your vendors. There is no reason you can’t have a meeting with a potential vendor during this time of social isolation,any time you would have asked for a meeting before just ask for a video call instead. 

4. Confirm Postponement Policies

For obvious reasons, please ensure you are discussing postponement policies with everyone as well just to be on the safe side.

5. Start Gathering Addresses and/or Emails

Now is the perfect time to start compiling a spreadsheet of addresses and/or email addresses to streamline sending out your wedding invitations.

6. Start a Wedding Website

During this time of uncertainty something we are suggesting to all our couples is to start a wedding website. Even if you don’t have a date planned you can start a website to keep all your guests informed as things progress.

7. Start your Wedding Music List

Start thinking about the music for the different stages of your wedding ceremony as well as compiling your list of ‘must have’ music for the reception.

8. Research and Order Wedding Favours

If you planning to have favours for your guests now is the perfect time to be researching options and ordering these.

9. Research and Order Bridal Party Gifts

Bridal party gifts are always a lovely gesture but are often left until the last minute. Why not start researching and planning ideas for your bridal party gifts and tick this off your list.

10. Write your Wedding Vows

It is never to early to start thinking about your vows, if you don’t want to right them just yet that’s fine but you can jump on line and research a pile of different options to decide what sort of style ceremony and vows you would like for your wedding.

11. Start Planning your Seating Chart

You might not have even sent your invites out yet but you can still get ahead of the game and start looking at seating options, and how you might be able to lay out your guests.

12. Start Planning your Order of Events

You probably have a rough idea of timing for the major events of the day, but you can start thinking about some of the smaller steps starting from breakfast with your bridal party right up until the last guest has departed.

With some extra time to get these jobs out of the way early thanks to Covid-19 you will be set for a relaxed and stress free lead up to your wedding day, and remember if you would like help with any of these items don’t hesitate to call Magnolia Studios to help you out.

Wishing you a safe, healthy and productive time planning your wedding during Covid-19.