How to Postpone your Wedding - Pro Wedding Planner Tips

Did you have your wedding all perfectly planned for 2020 and now your plans are out the window thanks to Covid-19? Are you stressed to the max and don’t think you can cope with doing all that planning again! Well rest assured you are not alone, we are 100% here to help you postpone and replan your wedding day, to reduce your stress and ensure your wedding day is everything you hoped for (just a bit later).

Check out our top tips for postponing your wedding below.

Just Breath... Your wedding day will come

I know this is a very emotional and upsetting time, you have spent months planning this and you were so excited to be married, and being stuck inside for the foreseeable future is a pretty epic let down. But it is important to focus on the most important thing, you will be married with all your friends and family there to celebrate with you.

So take a deep breath and decide what is most important to you. Is getting married to your partner on the date you chose essential? If so, then go ahead with a 5 person wedding, live stream to your closest family and post pone your reception so you can party the night away with everyone after this whole crisis has passed.

If your wedding date is not of significance then just jump in and start postponing, cause your wedding is still going to be amazing even if its later than planned.

Communication with your wedding vendors

In this situation communication really is essential. If your wedding was planned for the first half of 2020 then you need to be in contact with all your vendors immediately.

Even if you are hoping to keep your wedding date later in the year we still highly recommend reaching out to all your vendors asap, just to understand what options will be available should you need to postpone in a few months time.

Do remember when reaching out that your vendors are probably inundated with couples trying to contact them. Try and give them a reasonable amount of time to respond to you, as they will be trying their hardest to respond to everyone but the closer weddings will take higher priority.

Choosing a new Wedding Date

Communication is key here as well, with so many weddings being postponed vendors and venues are being booked up very quickly as they try and accommodate as many of their couples as possible.

When choosing a new date we recommend choosing your essential ‘must have’ wedding vendors (i.e. venue, photographer, celebrant) and try to select a date that works for those vendors. There may be a chance that you simply can not get all of your original vendors to work on the same day. While this is disappointing remember there are many more very talented vendors out there that will be able to look after you. If you can’t rebook with one of your vendors then be sure to check their cancelation policy.

A weekday Wedding

With weekends booking up quickly don’t be afraid to consider a week day wedding. While a Saturday wedding is ideal, does the day of the week really matter? As long as your closest family and friends are there to celebrate your new marriage then you are not going to notice what day of the week it is. And trust me, those who want to be there to celebrate with you on your wedding day will be there, no matter what day it is.   

Keep your Guests Informed

If you have already sent out your wedding invitations or save the date cards, then a good way to keep your guests informed of changes is to set up a wedding website. You can use a specific wedding website application like ‘With Joy’ but all of your big website builder (like wordpress or squarespace) have wedding website options as well.

This allows you to provide up to the minute information to your guests right up until the day of the wedding (this can be a handy place to include info about parking or accommodation or post wedding brunch etc), all they need to do is have a quick glance at the website and they know exactly what is going on.

I hope these tips save you some stress, and help you with postponing your wedding. If you are still stressed out/too emotional to deal with replanning your wedding then feel free to contact Magnolia Studios. I would love to have a chat and to give you a helping hand to get your wedding plans on track for your new wedding date.