How to Plan for Last Minute Covid Lockdown on Your Wedding Day

Is the thought of a last minute covid lockdown on your wedding weekend seriously stressing you out?! While we all hope we have made it through the worst of this pandemic, it seems inevitable that over the coming months we will continue to see snap lock downs, and that is still crazy stressful for anyone planning a wedding.

So I recently had a chat with the lovely Sarah from Perfectly Beautiful Makeup about my suggestions on how to plan for last minute lockdowns. So Click Here to head over to her podcast to listen to our chat, or have a read below for my tips.  

Start thinking about it now!

Don’t Stick your head in the sand and just hope it won’t happen to you, be proactive and actually start thinking about what you would like to do if the worst happens. Sit down and chat with your partner and decide are you just going to go ahead no matter what or what alternatives might be feasible for you.

Some options you might consider include – 

  1. Postpone the whole thing to another date (again)
  2. .Short-term postponement by 1 or 2 days to get you past the lock down period. You might end up getting married on a random Tuesday but you might just be able to use your food and flowers. Guests are proving to be very flexible and making these changes work as they just want to be there for your special day.
  3. Proceed with ceremony only with a small group (in accordance with lock down guidelines) and live stream everyone else with a big party down the track.
  4. Bring the wedding forward before lock down, as we generally given at least 24 hours notice before lockdowns commence it is possible to move your entire wedding forward by a day so you are officially married before lock down commences.
  5. Relocate you wedding and all guests outside of the lockdown area before lock down commences. We saw this regularly on the Gold Coast during border restrictions so as guests did not need to cross over the border on wedding days.

Reach out to Your Wedding Team

Once you have an idea of what you might like to do, start reaching out to your wedding day suppliers and have a chat. You don’t need to set anything in stone with them, its more about understanding how they might be able help and/or deal with the possible changes and to let them know what you have in mind in the worst case scenario.

Some vendors can be more flexible than others, however your florist, cake maker and caterers are going to be greatly affected by last minute changes as they will have already purchased all the flowers and produce for your wedding.

Put a Plan in Place

Now you have spoken to everyone and you know where you stand with your wedding day suppliers then start to formulate a plan. For some this could be as simple as knowing everyone is in the loop about your wishes and you will just wait and see. Others might like to put their feelers out, maybe to friends and family who might be able to step in and help organise things or assist if a vendor has said they unfortunately can’t work with your proposal. Once you have your plan in mind then it is up to you if you would like to share this info with your guests or not. 

How Can a Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator Assist?

If you are already working with a wedding planner than you will know we live to make your wedding day perfect and we are doing everything in our power to look after every little detail for you. So that means once you have had a think about what you would like to do then just contact us and we will jump to action chatting with your team on your behalf.

If you are not currently working with a wedding planner or coordinator that is not a worry, we are always happy to come on board and assist at any stage of your wedding planning. As a planner we can assist you in a number of ways, including providing guidance on the current Covid requirements, providing a Covid Safe Plan for your event, liaising with all your wedding vendors on your behalf in the lead up to your wedding as well as completely putting your last minute changes in to action in the 24 hours prior to your wedding day. So a wedding coordinator or planner can real take a weight off your shoulders and make your life so much easier in those last few days ensuring everything is looked after properly on your behalf.

While this extra bit of planning will take some extra time and thought up front, it is going to allow you to relax knowing you have a plan in place and potentially save you huge amount of stress down the track if the worst does occur.

If you would like to chat with me about how I can assist with helping you plan for a last minute lockdown, then please contact me HERE.