Do I need wedding Coordination?

We could go ahead and say ‘of course you need a wedding coordination’ but the truth is it really depends on what sort of wedding you are having.

If your holding your wedding at an all inclusive venue that provide all the bells and whistles including decor, styling and a venue coordinator then, no you won’t need a coordinator on board as your venue will have everything covered.

Many other venues will include an ‘events coordinator’ in their wedding packages who can coordinate vendors and all in house requirements but please keep in mind that this coordinator doesn’t usually extend to setting up any decor elements, flowers, tablescapes and reception styling, so make sure you check with the venue about what this coordinator will look after on the day.

If you have hired a styling team to look after the set up of your wedding decor then you are set, the styling team can work with your venue coordinator and they will have everything looking fantastic, but if you are planning on arranging your own styling and decor that needs to be set up on the day then an experienced wedding coordinator to focus specifically on styling may be what you need.

And if you are planning a full DIY or marquee wedding then wedding coordination really is a must. Setting up a DIY or marquee wedding is a huge task and can cause a lot of stress on your wedding day. By having a professional on board to look after all the details for you and make sure everything is looking perfect you can relax and have your dream wedding stress free.

If you think you might need some help with wedding coordination for your wedding day then CONTACT US for your free consultation.