Do I need a Wedding Coordinator for my Gold Coast Wedding?

If your having your wedding at an all inclusive wedding venue located on the Gold Coast then no you probably don’t need any ‘on the day coordination’ as the venue will look after coordinating wedding vendors for you. But if you have booked one of the many beautiful Gold Coast venues that don’t include a wedding coordinator then ‘On the Day Coordination’ is a great idea. And if you are planning a marquee or DIY wedding then an on the day wedding coordinator really is a must!

You have likely spent hundreds of hours planning your dream wedding but on the day of your wedding you simply can not be there to set things up, and setting up a wedding is a huge task. Hiring an ‘on the day coordinator’ means you have someone there you can trust to make sure your wedding vision becomes reality. Your ‘on the day coordinator’ will make sure every small detail is looked after to perfection and any unexpected issues will be dealt with, without bothering you.

So if you want a relaxing, stress free morning taking in some gorgeous Gold Coast sunshine on the day of your wedding, knowing a professional is looking after all the details to create your perfect wedding day then an ‘On the Day Wedding Coordinator’ is just what you need.

If you think you will need some ‘On the Day Coordination’ for your Gold Coast wedding, then CONTACT US and we would love to arrange a free consultation and personalised quotation for you.